Can Presses European Patent
approx. cans/h
DP 400
DP 600
CP 600
up to 6000
Model: DP
Model: CP
Loading: manual
Loading: volume conveyor
• one at a time
• in batches
• in crates
• infeed conveyor
• belt conveyor
• large container (wire mesh crate)
• pusher etc.
HEIN Can Presses
(Europatent) are designed for
Design features:
• full-, and empty can pressing
• product retrieval
• great press performance
• continuous pressing process
• for container sizes: 100 ml – 5000 ml
• microbiologically approved,
..due to stationary internal cleaning unit
• product touching parts: stainless steel
• robust industrial design
• rotation principle (no oil hydraulics)
also suitable for
cans with
Model: KP 900
10 l cans of tinned food
Can Press European Patent
with product retrieval
with full goods as an exception (product retrieval)
the HEIN Can Press is additionally equipped
with the necessary components, so that the
returning product is -controlled- redirected for
A stationary internal flush ensures microbiologically
faultless conditions.

• prefilter
• cartridge filter
• product pump
• level regulator
• product catch basin
• bypass system (discharge/cleaning)
• internal cleaning line
central disposal from various plant areas
(filled cans and empty cans)
Model : CP 600

Application examples for model: CP 600

Model : CP 600
CONTI - Press (CP)
fits, due to its compact design
(minimum space requirement) in every bottling operation, where incorrectly filled containers are discharged / pushed.
Cans with incorrect filling volume are emptied by the squeezing process at the point of origin.
At the same time they are flattened and fed to the collecting container.
Site: Filler outlet / fill level inspection
Feeding: from pusher to belt conveyor ... to the can press
Model : CP 600

Further application examples
for model:

The CP Can Press – here in a brewery cellar – is loaded by wire mesh crates.
The fork lift places the wire mesh crate on a platform (with centring frame).
After opening the floor slider the continuous feed of the can stream is initiated through a duct to the CP.

Discharge time/wire mesh crate: approx. 20 mins

The discharging product flows into a catch basin and is then level controlled pumped out.

A stationary internal flush ensures microbiologically faultless conditions.
Model: CP 600
With this installation the loading is carried out through the cellar ceiling
into the catch funnel located underneath.
Loading: by containers
The cellar personnel only have to ensure that
the mesh wire crate with the flattened cans will not be overfilled.
Model: CP 600
loading by belt conveyor
Model: CP 600
Model: DP 400
Application examples for model: DP
one at a time
in batches
in crates
Manually loadable
can presses are the
solution for users in other
industries as well
(e.g. catering kitchens, canteens).

The ergonomics are important:
• easy to operate
• low insert height
Can press (Model: DP 600) for manual loading.
Intended use: for filled 500 ml and 5000 ml cans
Model : DP 600
Model : DP 600
Model : KP 900
Can press for 10 l tins