Low microbiological contamination container movement
– Sterile air admission flow
– UVC disinfection
Application of tunnel
Model : TUS 683
With the filling (multi-way) of microbially delicate products the conveyor track is jointly responsible for the durability of the filled product. On their way from the cleaning machine to the filler the containers contact germ contaminated ambient air. The same accounts for the screw caps in its infeed. The risk of likelihood for beverage infestation is high, with the contamination rate being of variable size. Except for the sterile air admission flow the conveyor area can be made - and kept low in microbiological contamination by UVC technology. The pictures show how UVC technology is successfully applied as well.
UVC technology
by means of tunnel systems with
Excerpt: Lab report Hansa dairy farm
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UVC disinfection starts at the bottle output.
(Noise-) Protection Tunnel
Model : TUS 472 with UVC equipment
(Area: infeed to the filler)
UVC disinfection on a multi-way line