Development of noise reduction programmess by... HEIN
View: infeed side A - D
Rinser opened up - by moving the rail
based cover aside
View: front side D - C
If it is a matter of actual execution of noise protection measures, the services of a specialist firm have to be called on.

Then it is safe to assume that the acoustic quality of the measures taken meets the requirements or are technically viable. Otherwise the actual problem often lies in the practicability of the found solution. To what use is a noise protection measure if it is constantly kept open by the production staff after fault clearance?

Also crucial is the consideration of the aspects regarding the MICROBIOLOGY and EASE OF CARE!
Soundproofing - noise reduction
Total enclosure of a super block

Hatched areas can be completely opened (ground rail system).
Because of the ease of movement the operator can
shut the enclosure element manually.
Total enclosure of a super block
View: rear side A - B (see previous picture)